Enterprise Storage

Effective data storage and protection are crucial for business success. Binary Global is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of data management, private cloud storage, and hybrid cloud strategies.

Our Comprehensive Enterprise Data Storage Solutions:

Purpose-Built Storage Platforms: We help you select the optimal storage platform for your needs, whether it's converged infrastructure with purpose-built storage or software-defined storage in hyper-converged infrastructure.

Next-Gen Storage Technologies: Leverage our expertise in cutting-edge technologies like NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM) to identify workloads that can benefit from these innovations.

Hybrid Cloud Data Storage: Seamlessly bridge the gap between private and public clouds while maintaining control over your data with our hybrid cloud data store solutions.

Agile Data Management Strategies: Enhance agility for your business application leaders with data management strategies such as copy data management, snapshots, and cloud storage tiering.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Ensure business continuity with the latest disaster recovery replication and automation solutions integrated into primary storage, protecting your data from site failures.

Scalable File and Object Storage: Implement massively scalable file and object storage platforms in the private cloud for application data, media, log data, archives, long-term backup retention, and big data analytics.

Secondary Storage Solutions: Optimize secondary storage for archiving, data protection, and leverage data reduction technologies for efficient storage utilization.




Storage Area Network (SAN)

Our Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions provide high-speed, block-level access to data storage. With SAN, you can consolidate storage resources, centralize data management, and improve data accessibility across your organization.


Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions offer file-level access to data storage over a network. Our NAS solutions are user-friendly, making it easy for employees to access and share files securely.


Object Storage

Object Storage solutions are ideal for managing large volumes of unstructured data, such as multimedia files, backups, and archives. We provide scalable and cost-effective object storage solutions to suit your data needs.


Data Backup and Recovery

Ensure data continuity with our reliable data backup and recovery solutions. We automate the backup process, secure your data in off-site locations, and offer quick data recovery in case of emergencies.

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