Data Management

Effective Data Management for a Telecom CDN Network Using NetApp Storage Solution


Scalability and Performance: The customer faced the challenge of scaling their CDN infrastructure to accommodate rapidly increasing data volumes while maintaining optimal content delivery performance. They needed a scalable and high-performing data management solution to meet the growing demands of their user base.

Data Security and Compliance: As a telecom company handling sensitive customer data, ensuring robust data security and compliance with regulatory standards was paramount. The customer required a storage solution that offered advanced security features to safeguard their data assets effectively.

Cost Optimization: The customer aimed to optimize costs associated with their CDN storage infrastructure without compromising data availability, durability, or performance. They sought a solution that provided cost-effective storage options while meeting their stringent performance requirements.

Why Binary Global

NetApp All-Flash Storage Arrays

We deployed NetApp's high-performance all-flash storage arrays to support the customer's CDN infrastructure. These arrays offered low-latency and high-bandwidth storage capabilities, ensuring seamless and reliable content delivery to end-users.

Scalable Architecture

NetApp's scale-out architecture provided the necessary scalability to accommodate the customer's increasing data demands within their CDN network. This flexible solution allowed them to add storage capacity and performance as needed, ensuring future-proofing and scalability.

Data Security Features

To address data security and compliance concerns, our solution incorporated robust security features offered by NetApp. These included encryption at rest and in transit, access controls, and secure data erasure capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection of sensitive customer data.

Cost Optimization Strategies

We leveraged NetApp's data deduplication and compression technologies to optimize storage utilization and reduce costs. By eliminating data redundancy and maximizing capacity efficiency, we helped the customer achieve significant cost savings while maintaining high data availability and performance.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

NetApp's data protection features, such as RAID configurations, snapshot-based backups, and asynchronous replication, ensured data durability and offered efficient disaster recovery options. This provided the customer with a reliable data protection framework to minimize downtime and mitigate risks.


We proposed a comprehensive data management solution leveraging NetApp storage solutions to address the customer's specific challenges. Our solution included the following key components:

Results and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Content Delivery Performance: Our implementation of NetApp storage solutions significantly improved content delivery performance within the customer's CDN network. The low-latency storage operations and high-bandwidth capabilities resulted in faster response times and superior user experiences.
  • Scalability and Future-proofing: The scalable architecture of our solution allowed the customer to seamlessly scale their CDN infrastructure as their data requirements grew. This flexibility enabled them to support new services and handle increasing traffic without disruptions, ensuring future-proofing.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Our solution's advanced security features provided by NetApp ensured robust data protection and compliance with regulatory standards. The customer gained confidence in the security of their sensitive customer data, fostering trust and loyalty among their user base.
  • Cost Optimization: Through NetApp's data deduplication and compression technologies, we helped the customer optimize storage costs by maximizing capacity utilization. The significant cost savings achieved contributed to their overall operational efficiency and financial goals.
  • Reliable Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: NetApp's data protection features provided a strong foundation for data durability and efficient disaster recovery. The customer experienced minimal downtime and had reliable mechanisms in place for data recovery, ensuring business continuity and minimizing the impact of potential disruptions.


Binary Global's expertise and the implementation of NetApp storage solutions successfully addressed the data management challenges faced by the telecom segment customer within their CDN network. Our solution empowered them with enhanced content delivery performance, scalability, data security, and cost optimization. By leveraging NetApp's advanced storage capabilities, we delivered an efficient and future-proof data management infrastructure, enabling the customer to provide exceptional content delivery and services to their global user base.