Surveillance and Access Security

Binary Global offers state-of-the-art Surveillance and Access Security Solutions to safeguard your premises. Our advanced systems and access control solutions enhance security, deter threats, and enable swift incident responses.

Access Control - Manage access to sensitive areas with our advanced access control solutions.

Integrated Security - Our holistic approach combines surveillance and access control for robust security.

Peace of Mind - Rely on our solutions for peace of mind and confidence in your security measures.




Video Surveillance Systems

Deploy state-of-the-art video surveillance systems with high-definition cameras and intelligent analytics to monitor your premises 24/7.


Access Control Systems

Implement secure access control systems with biometric authentication, card readers, and remote access management.


Intrusion Detection

Set up intrusion detection sensors and alarms to detect and alert against unauthorized access attempts.


Visitor Management

Enhance visitor management with self-check-in kiosks, visitor badges, and real-time tracking.


Video Analytics

Leverage video analytics for advanced features such as facial recognition, object detection, and crowd management.


Security Integration

Integrate surveillance and access security systems with other security measures for seamless operation.


Cloud-Based Monitoring

Access real-time surveillance data and security alerts remotely through cloud-based platforms.