Empower Your DevOps Transformation with Binary Global's Tailored Solutions

Overcome DevOps Adoption Challenges and Embrace Agility

Embarking on a DevOps transformation can present initial hurdles, including skill gaps, process adjustments, KPI modifications, and organizational governance challenges. However, once these roadblocks are addressed, DevOps aligns with business outcomes, enhancing communication, reducing errors, strengthening teamwork, and fostering an agile approach to meeting customer needs.

Binary Global: Your Partner in DevOps Transformation

Binary Global offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to support your DevOps transformation, encompassing container orchestration, automation, integration, CI/CD, and Infrastructure as Code (IAC). Our education, workshops, and custom project-based services cater to all stages of DevOps adoption, from beginners to mature practitioners.

Streamlining Container Orchestration and Automation

As organizations embrace multi-cloud architectures for workload flexibility, containerization ensures portability, enabling standardized application deployment across private and public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure). Testing, validation, and release processes become streamlined.

Our offerings include:

  • Trainings: Docker/Kubernetes/Ansible Fundamentals

  • Workshops: Automation/Container Explorations

  • Customized Design/Build/Deployment Services

Accelerating Network Automation with Ansible Expertise

Elevate your network, storage, and systems infrastructure automation with Binary Global's Accelerated Automation offerings, harnessing the power of Ansible. Whether you're just starting or already delivering self-service IaaS, our service packages, complete with training and support, cater to your automation journey. Our experts in software development, Ansible automation, ITSM, and third-party integrations help you:

  • Speed deployments and time to market

  • Free internal resources for strategic initiatives

  • Simplify and streamline network management

  • Jumpstart provisioning and rollout automation

  • Improve documentation and asset management

Unifying Development, Test, and Production Environments

As development, test, and production environments expand and incorporate specialized tools, platforms offering a single management interface become crucial. Whether it's ServiceNow or JIRA, open API integrations with existing tools and infrastructure ensure seamless management and task efficiency. Agile architectures with flexible integration reduce complexity and interconnected dependencies. Binary Global offers custom evaluation, integration, and optimization services.

Harnessing the Power of Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

Effective DevOps practices highlight the value of IAC, enabling infrastructure management akin to code releases. Push-button deployment accelerates the creation of consistent, scheduled, tested, and version-controlled infrastructure. Binary Global offers custom IAC architecture services, tool implementation/integration, micro-segmentation, and containerization services.




Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Implement IaC practices to manage infrastructure as code, enabling faster and consistent infrastructure provisioning.


DevOps Training and Coaching

Equip your teams with the skills and knowledge required for successful DevOps adoption through training and coaching.


CI/CD Pipeline Setup

Set up and configure a robust CI/CD pipeline to automate the software development and deployment process.