Comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessment

At Binary Global, our Security Vulnerability Assessment service scans your network-connected devices and applications, identifies port exposures and other vulnerabilities, and ranks them based on risk to your business. We provide a roadmap for remediation, helping you understand your exposures and how to eliminate them.

Key Features Of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Penetration Testing Assessment

Our Penetration Testing Assessment mirrors techniques used by hackers to exploit both technology and human vulnerabilities in your environment. We identify areas where your defenses are weak, and your systems and data are at risk, so you can take action to prevent potential breaches.

Web Application Assessment

Our Web Application Assessment focuses on identifying web application-specific vulnerabilities. Using automated and manual processes, we help you eliminate exposures before a problem occurs.

Application Code Review Assessment

With our Application Code Review Assessment, we identify potential flaws in code that would result in vulnerabilities in later stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Catching code problems early can prevent exposures later.

Social Engineering/Physical Security Assessment

Our Social Engineering/Physical Security Assessment consists of several types of campaigns: red team physical attacks, email phishing, and vishing. Each campaign is designed for you to see how weak or strong your internal/external security controls are and how you can improve or increase security awareness.