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Cloud Consulting Services - Guiding Digital Transformation

Client:  Manufacturing Customer

Challenge: A well-established manufacturing company, recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly evolving market demands. However, they lacked the expertise to define a clear cloud adoption strategy and navigate the complexities of migrating legacy applications to the cloud.

Solution: Binary Global's Cloud Consulting Services team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the customer‘s existing infrastructure and IT goals. Based on the evaluation, they devised a tailored cloud adoption strategy, outlining the ideal cloud models and services to align with the company's unique requirements.

The team also provided guidance on application modernization and re-platforming, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud. Throughout the migration process, Binary Global's experts collaborated closely with ABC Manufacturing's IT team, providing ongoing support and training to build cloud capabilities in-house.

Results: With Binary Global's Cloud Consulting Services, customer successfully transformed its IT landscape. The cloud adoption lifecycle was executed seamlessly, resulting in improved agility, reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, and enhanced data accessibility. The company embraced innovation, leveraging cloud-native services to develop new applications and meet customer demands more effectively.