Computing Products

Computing products can be broadly divided into two major categories Servers & client computing device, we have elaborated the details in the below sections

Servers Computing Products

The definition of a Server is a computer or a computer program that acts as a central device for managing or providing information and access to client devices, typical roles of servers can be database servers, active directory server, file servers, mail servers, web servers, print servers, application servers.

Servers play a pivotal role in functioning of ICT infrastructure; few year back, as a practice, servers were generally installed to do one single task, however with evolution of server operating systems, and virtualization technologies, multiple virtual servers can run on single server.

As a result, designing the topology and right sizing of the server is very important, at Binary Global, our team of highly skilled solution architects would help to design the right solution with clear deliverables, so you can have best performance and best return on investment (ROI), you can also avail our implementation and server management service for hassle free deployment.

Binary Global Advantage

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  • Solution Ownership
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