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IT Management

Nowadays, from enterprise to corporate and small/medium companies are facing increasing and significant burden of managing their daily IT operations. Companies are increasingly Focusing company resources to grow the company business while let external party handling the daily IT operation is becoming the common way in order to gain the maximal results on both business and daily operations.


Any process or IT expenditure need thorough planning, as it is one step towards building future ready organization. With IT coming handy we can do elaborate planning of deliverables on any process or project, even before we actually implement the same, saving lot of money and smoothing of the process.

Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities. From IT Support to complete Process Management we do it all

Types of Managed Services

IT Infrastructure Managed Services. Annual MaintenanceServices
Remote Infrastructure Management & Monitoring(NOC) Process Automation Services
Help Desk Services/ Customer Care

As the dependability on IT has been increasing day by days, measures are being taken by all organization for uninterrupted functioning in case of any failure. Depending on nature of service required, organizations requirement of DR may vary

At BGL, we understand you inner fear and value the need for uninterrupted services, we simulate the situation and demonstrate how process will shift in case of disaster without interruption of services, services offered may include:-

Building DR Site HA Server Deployment
Call Centre on Demand Process Automation

Connectivity Solutions

It rise of technology, different geographies or distance does not matter anymore. Organization want theirpeople to connect to their office on the go, they want all the branches to be interconnectivity.

Following solutions are being offered

MPLS Cloud