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Binary hotel and hospitality solutions deliver state of art solutions for your brand and leave vivid memories for your guest. From smart rooms to complete mobility solutions, our team helps hotel owners to provide best experiences to their guest and win customer loyalty.

We have listed few of the solution below, for detailed discussions and presentation; you can schedule a meeting from the right panel, our expert team shall be happy to assist you.

Connect Mobility Experience

Imagine, once the Guest has booked the room, as soon as he arrives, the attendant receives an automated notification on arrival of guest, his choices and history, the hotel staff welcomes the customer with his name and guides him through, the guest can use his/her phone as the key for the room, as soon as he enters the room, the temperature setting and ambience are set as per his/her choice, the guest can further use app for in room dinning or can book a table at the restaurant .

The complete solution has various solution components which are stitched together to form complete solution, we have listed objectives of the solutions below; the outcome of the activity will be unparalleled guest experience and long lasting brand loyalty.


  • Guest Location tracking
  • Hotel App Design & Build
  • Room Automation
  • Automated Billing & Authentication

Central PMS & Monitoring Station

With Businesses growing, lot of hotel chains wants to centralize the hotel monitoring and management in order to optimize their resources, and provide best services to the guest.

By having a central PMS & Monitoring station, following objective can be achieved

Best resource utilization: Resource deployed at central location to manage all properties, rather team deployed per site.

Better guest analytics: with central PMS, hotel can keep track about guest history and choices, make the Guest feel at home.

Keep track of Internet bandwidth and utilization: the central monitoring station can also monitor the internet bandwidth and resource utilization, and act accordingly.