Enterprise Wireless

With the evolution of laptops, smart phones and other hand held devices, going wireless has become necessity, with new 802.11ac standards and wave 2 technologies, now we can achieve wireless speed up to 6.93 Gbps; thus reducing the need for wired system considering major scenario.

Internet has become lifeline of today's world, everyone needs to be connected 24x7, wired system brings serious limitation, whether siting in coffee house or travelling through metro, all of us want to be connected and able to access internet.

Binary pioneers in providing complete range of enterprise wireless, including indoor, outdoor, point to point and point to Multi Point radio's. We have team of professional to help with planned deployment of wireless, providing complete survey report and heat map post deployment.

Wireless Deployment examples:

Shop Floor: Mall owners can provide free Wi-Fi to their visitors, they in-turn can check which segment of the mall has more foot falls, have analytics on the consumer behaviour, can track visitor location for security reasons, also send ongoing offers and discounts, this not only increase sales, but gives best mall experience.

Health Care: Hospitals are increasingly going digital, all reports, case history, day to day procedures are increasingly captured in central repository and are available to doctors in their hand held devices. Wireless system acts as a back bone to the complete infrastructure.

Tele Medicine: Another area where wireless is increasingly gaining traction, today telemedicine and virtual doctors are gaining popularity, these not only provides access to range of specialist but also gives near real time consultation experience. Since the system should be manoeuvred and increasing mobile, wireless system acts as a backbone to the complete setup.

Education Campus: Student needs to connected, whether to access the lectures or surf the internet, watch presentation or collaborate, life in campus cannot be imagined without wireless. Students want to access the network while in class, ground, canteen or hostel, wireless system acts as backbone to the complete setup.

Ware House: Imagine a large warehouse and you need to take inventory, one cannot imagine working without wireless bar code scanners. The wireless system again acts as a back bone to the complete infrastructure.

Corporate Houses: Enterprises need agility, the work force has to be mobile, each individual today is carrying at least 2 devices that needs to be connected wirelessly, with smart workspaces there is no room of wires.

Smart Connected Cites The concept of smart cites is built on strong wireless foundation. A smart city can be defined as the one having smart mobility, smart utilities, smart governance, smart real estate, smart health care and smart traffic and monitoring system. It is taking the digitalization to the next level.

Binary Global Advantage

  • Dedicated Domain Specialist
  • Accurate Surveys
  • Efficient Post sales
  • Large deployment Experience
  • Multi Product Exposure
  • HOT Spot Solution
  • Integration with BYOD, MDM Polices
  • Consultancy Approach