End point Protection & DLP

Data is life line of any business, imagine a software development house, spending huge amount of man hours and money to design an application, but before they are able to launch the application, the code of the application was taken by some developer while leaving the job, and was sold to another firm for small money, risking effort of all the developers in the project and jeopardizing the company's future.

Once the data in consolidated and digitalized it becomes all the more convenient to steal it, resulting in huge loss to organization. Today organizations are investing heavily on end point security and DLP. With smartphones and BYOD it becomes all the more important to invest in the right solution, to secure the companies digital assets.

Solution Components

  • Antivirus: to protect the machine from Trojans and Viruses
  • Device control & Monitoring : control ports and devices
  • Inspection Module : to inspects the data from leakage through emails, chat, messenger, network, web or printer
  • Data Discovery: to find where all sensitive data is present in the machine or network
  • Audit &Reporting: finally and most important aspect to audit and provide graphical interface to track the data, any attacks or unwanted access and maintain compliance.