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Education plays a vital role in building the society. Today there is lot of emphasis on providing high quality education. Increasingly numbers of institutions are using power of IT to provide best education to their students.

Gone are the days when teacher use to right on black board, and student use to copy in their notebooks, today, all content is digital and students can watch the complete lecture again and again to prepare for the subject.

At Binary, we were fortunate to work with some of the renowned institutes and cater to there challenging requirement, we would like to list few solutions, that are common in the education space.

Campus Wireless

Student needs to be connected, whether to access the lectures or surf the internet, watch presentation or collaborate, life in campus cannot be imagined without wireless. Students want to access the network while in class, ground, canteen or hostel, wireless system acts as backbone to the complete setup.

AAA Authentication & Billing

Increasingly number of Institutions is planning to monetize the internet bandwidth , as the demand for high speed internet bandwidth set to increase day by day, lot of institutes have monetized it and it acts as the major revenue center for them.

RF Tagging & Vehicle Surveillance

Mostly used in schools to track the child, his/her location and attendance for the activity, whereas bus monitoring system keeps track of the speed of bus and does surveillance recording inside the bus.