CISCO ISR-AX (Deliver Optimized Application Experience)

  • By the end of 2015 50% of CIOs expect to work on Cloud,90% of organization backhaul traffic through Data center and 2/3 mobile data traffic will be video
  • Current IT trend is more focus on Application, IT simplification and smarter business process

So to achieve all these the network should change from the traditional poor application performance, changing traffic patterns, limited visibility and control, network latency, insufficient resource utilization

Cisco’s Approach : One network with unified Services

  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Optimization
  • Security
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • VOIP

Cisco ISR G2 AX routers can be used for all the above mentioned features.

Cisco ISR-AX: Unified Services

Business Application run better

  • 50-70% bandwidth reduction
  • 2 X VDI sessions
  • Faster document processing

Network-Wide Visibility

  • Probe-less deployment
  • Wired/Wireless view of 1000+ Apps
  • Rapid root cause analysis

Any-to-Any Security

  • Simplified and scalable VPN
  • Comprehensive threat defense
  • Cloud Web security

What is inside?

Application Visibility and control

  • NBAR2
  • QOS
  • Media monitoring
  • WAN path Selection (PfR)

WAN Optimization

  • Application acceleration
  • TPC Compression
  • Data redundancy elimination


  • VPN encryption
  • IOS Firewall
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Cloud web security

Hardware for ISR-AX

  • SRE or Max DRAM
  • Option for UCS-E series Server

DC Consolidation without compromising Performance

Centralizing at DC -> Change Traffic Patterns + Bandwidth Congestion + Latency

Prioritize Apps

  • AVC shows which apps are impacting bandwidth; QoS policy can prioritize mission critical apps

Optimize path

  • WAN Path Control (Pfr) redirects non-critical traffic over alternative link to free up WAN lease line to the DC

Lower latency

  • WAAS automatically accelerates apps and optimizes traffic to minimize impact on the WAN

Enhance Visibility

  • L4 to L 7 Application monitoring
    • Cisco AVC with NBAR2 Provides Deep Packet Inspection at the Application Level

Isolating and Resolving App Performance Issues

  • View branch traffic using Prime or 3rd Party tools; visualize application traffic using AVC with NBAR2, Netflow and HTTP URL extraction
  • Create QoS policy with Prime to restrict noncritical apps and deploy across all branches with ISR-AX
  • WAAS Natively Accelerates Citrix VDI Zero-touch Deployment, Auto-Interop W/ICA Encryption and Compression

Reduce BYOD Impact On Enterprise WAN

BYOD impact

iCloud      –  2 – 3 X increase in WAN consumption

Email Sent to tablet – Email Sent to Smartphone – Email sent to PC –> Multiple request for same data

Reducing BYOD Traffic On the WAN

Wireless Visiblility

  • AVC with FlexConnect can identify wireless traffic on the WAN

Consistent Policy

  • QoS can minimize impact of non-critical business traffic

Wired/Wireless Optimization

  • WAAS with FlexConnect can optimize BYOD traffic to lower bandwidth traffic and improve user experience


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