Why is Data Leak a Concern?

Why is Data Leak a Concern? This is what customers are telling us about Data Leaks.
• Loss of Sensitive Information
“I don’t know how we can control data from being sent in email or uploaded to the Web.”
• Inadvertent Misuse
“Most of our policy violations and information breaches are accidental!”
• Collaboration Risk
“I think some of my employees are posting and sharing confidential information on Social Networking Site like Facebook.”
• Context Sensitive
“My current Data Leak Prevention System causes a lots of false positive and block data as it is unable to understand the Web application.”
• In-depth Visibility
“Need in-depth visibility on the sensitive data that my employees are uploading. Would be wonderful, if it could give this information in a readable format.”
• Data Leak outside Network Perimeter
“What happens when my employees carry their laptop while travelling. Need to control and prevent leaks even when they are out of office.”

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