Application Performance Management

Every organisation expects a certain level of performance from its applications, so Application Performance Management comes into picture. Application Performance Management (APM) is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. Performance monitoring is based on two sets of performance matrices; the first set defines the performance experienced by the end users and the second set measures the performance of computational resources used by the application for the loading. Application performance management (APM) tools alert IT staff to disruptions in availability and/or quality to end users when accessing mission-critical applications. Applications monitored by APM tools can include traditional non-connected applications, Web-enabled applications, streaming apps and cloud applications. Thus an APM should be able to find the disruption in the real time and engage IT team for the fixes.

At Binary, we understand the applications and their disruptions and design a solution as per your application domain. We choose APM which suits your application environment for the maximum performance.