Converged Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Converged Identity and Access Management (IAM) means merging physical access and logical access into one i.e. by physical access we mean building security, parking, door access, canteen access and logical access means data security, access permission, directory permissions, files, device, and application permissions.

For years, these were two different domains, the former one was taken care by building security and admin and later by IT department; in many ways, building access security systems have always acted as the first line of defence against unauthorized access to company's physical or logical assets. If an intruder could not gain entry to a company's offices, that person could therefore not gain access to corporate applications and sensitive data. However, with the advancement in technology, this is no longer the case as remote access has become more prevalent every day. Company's IT assets and critical data can no longer be protected by physical security systems alone

Converged infrastructure deliverables

  • A single system to manage all physical and logical security, adding, modifying and modifying the users identities with click of a button
  • Can be clubbed with 2-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • When clubbed with Single sign On, no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords, which in turn creates vulnerability and threat of data loss, one authenticated person can use applications like salesforce, linkedin, Facebook, any other company application with click of button, enhancing user experience
  • Identity based reporting, keeps track of users and behaviour.
  • Greater efficiency and ROI from existing Infrastructure
  • With click of button you can revoke access to Infrastructure, Data, mobile device, and Applications securing the parameter in case required.